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Frozen vs fresh seafood – which is better?


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There are many myths surrounding frozen seafood that can make customers lose heart in front of the freezer in their local supermarket. But what are the benefits of freezing seafood and which are the best techniques to do so?
Is fresh always the best choice?


Fresh seafood is often considered healthier than the frozen equivalent. But the quality of the latter is determined by how quickly the freezing process is started after the catch. If the product is processed on the same ship that catches it the result may be the healthiest of all options. This is because quick freezing helps retain its moisture, texture and taste.

Due to logistics, seafood that is marketed as fresh usually takes a week to get to our store shelves. While it is kept on ice during the trip, it is not actually frozen. Transporting the product on ice does minimize the decaying process. However, it continues to occur which produces bacteria. Flash freezing seafood halts the decaying process so that it is actually healthier than “fresh”.

The best result is achieved by aforementioned flash freezing, a technique that is applied to our red king crab as well. This means that the meat is frozen to – 40°C no later than 4 hours after the catch. This keeps large ice crystals from forming that damage the texture and quality of the meat. The taste and nutritional benefits are kept. Our red king crab is flash frozen once and is not thawed before it reaches the customer.

We recommend you don’t buy frozen seafood in a package that is crushed at the edges, opened or torn. If you see any frost or ice crystals, leave the package alone. That may be a sign that the fish is thawed or refrozen and lacks quality. Don’t buy any package that looks as if it has thawed juices for this contains bacteria and is a sign of decay.

Although fish caught from our own backyard and set straight on the stove is the tastiest and most nutritious of all it is not the only smart way to go. Our high quality flash frozen red king crab is a great rival in both quality, taste and nutrition.






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